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Would you consider forgiving your significant other for something they have not even done yet?

 I was just watching a movie on Netflix and my thoughts tend to travel a lot.  When I was younger, I always said “I will not forgive and never forget.”  I don’t know if is just that with age often brings maturity but this is not how I think these days.  I realize how imperfect and human I am and I have made mistakes in the past.  I just know that my heart is always in the right place.  I have been with my husband since December of 2006, almost 7 years… minus two weeks (another story).  We have both done some things, said some things or acted in ways we aren’t proud of.  I honestly can’t think of much that my husband could do that I would not forgive him for.  There are things I just know he wouldn’t do already, like harm our kids, but other than that… I really do not care what he does.  That may sound like I just do not care at all but I know his heart is in the right place overall and I forgive him… I will forgive him.  I think more people in relationships should be this way also.  I know he doesn’t feel the same way though and I didn’t either in the past.  I am not much like I was back then though.  

Those are my thoughts for the day… maybe week even.  I’m going to finish putting on makeup now. ;)

Facing the Facts

I love high heels. I can’t wear them though. My right foot is shaped differently than the left so it always cramps up and I have never been able to find a comfortable pair. I tried wearing some today and actually wore them throughout my stepdaughter’s entire birthday extravaganza. As soon as I got in the car, I was out of the heels and into my Chucks. Yes, I am wearing a dress but I just can’t pass up comfort to try to look better. It isn’t who I am. I don’t even shop in the women’s clothing department because that isn’t my style. I may be a mom of three awesome little boys but I am such a little girl at heart. I love rainbows and sparkles, hearts and bows. I recently bought a sexy little black dress. It is tight-fitted, comes above the knee and is sheer at the top at the cleavage area. I planned on wearing sexy heels to make it complete but I can’t stop thinking about how I would much rather wear my black Converse with the multicolored rainbow mesh tongue with it. I hate neutral colors. A lot of women’s magazines teach that you should put makeup on in a way that looks natural. Neutral eye shadow is just not my thing. I am approaching my 30s… And still dress like a teenage girl. :/  I find adults always stare at me and little kids seem to love it. I probably get more compliments from kids than I do my own husband. Is that sweet or sad? Perhaps both. I am happy with my life.. My kids, my job, stability.  But I am not sure where I belong.       /thoughts

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